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Garden City Veterinary Care has on staff two veterinarians accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture to provide USDA health certificates required for animals in International travel.

After the form has been signed by our veterinarian, the form must be taken to the USDA office across the street from the JFK Airport and signed there as well.

Before scheduling an appointment for your animals physical exam it is your responsibility to:
1.Check with airline to find out within how many days of travel the certificate needs to be issued.
2.Contact the consulate of the country you are traveling to because there may be more forms required to be signed by a veterinarian and those forms must be obtained provided by you and brought to the office on the day of the exam or prior.  Ask if there are specific vaccines, blood tests, etc… required for travel to the country including any particular dating of those treatments or blood tests.
3.Bring all up to date vaccination history.

Have a happy and safe travel!

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